5G Design and Survey

Aus NewTechs has strong experience in wired and wireless telecom network planning and designing services including FTTx, HFC, IEN/NGN. We offer entire activities from field surveys to equipment placement within building including street to designing cable pathways, signal strength etc. We are expert in dealing with both residential and commercial multi-dwelling units such as apartment buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial premises.

Telecom Planning & designing Services

We provide end to end 5G SAED services such as Detailed Design (SDV, CANDAD, MTX Design), Environmental & Town Planning, and RF Safety Compliance etc. Our technicians and engineers are experienced feasibility assessment, electrical design, mount & HF design, structural design, AB drawing, WHS assessment and construction design.

Spatial Modeling and Data Engineering

We use SpatialNET tools to build and manage network assets, design fiber, HFC, and twisted-pair communications networks. Our Geospatial engineering teams are highly capable of Spatial OSP and ISP modeling, and producing high-quality Construction, and As-built documentation. Our activities involve GIS data capture, processing and analysis, and cleansing GIS data on the SpatialNET platform.

MapInfo Design

Our design and RF teams are also experts Mapinfo tool to deliver the design of the telecommunication network in MAPINFO as per customer requirements.

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